Product Details

Total : RM 50.00

Estimated Total : RM 50.00

  • Mirrorkote Stickers: Comes with a glossy finish.

  • Kraft Paper Stickers: Naturally brown in colour. Perfect for homemade food/condiments, organic produce, and handcrafted goods.

  • Synthetic Stickers: Resistant to water and tear. Can be removed easily. Perfect for frozen food packaging and bottles for beverages.   

  • Vibrant and sharp colour printing

  • Sizes available starting from 20mm x 20mm

  • Shape available: Square, Rectangle 

  • Cutting type: Kiss Cut


Add a personal touch to your packaging with our customised Stickers. Low cost yet effective — a brilliant marketing tool for new and small enterprises. The greatest advantage of stickers lies in its versatility. From the jar of homemade marmalade to the bottle of lavender essential oil, you can stick it on the packaging of almost any product. Not only can a sticker be used to market your brand, but also to fasten the opening of your packaging, for example, a paper bag.