We are an online printing company where you can get personal and commercial print products at the lowest possible price! 


Pixeli is part of Kuang Yee Image Press. Kuang Yee first started out as a humble photography studio in 1965. With the opening of Kuang Yee’s first bridal house in 1992, we slowly ventured into the bridal industry. 


















In 1997, we decided to invest in a professional digital imaging printer — the first of its kind in Malaysia at that time and the second machine sold in the Asia Pacific Region. And this had formed the very foundation on which both Pixel Century — a part of Kuang Yee, which was established in 2013, that specialises in the design and construction of display and printed products for advertising purposes — and Pixeli were later built.  


















In 2020, we decided to venture into the online printing business, with the twin aims of sharing our love for customised printing and making our products available and accessible to as many people as possible. And thus, Pixeli was born!



We have a team of designers and production crew whose passion and love for great designs and quality printing are unrivalled. We believe that every printing product is a piece of art and, as such, deserves a degree of respect. And our way of showing that respect is by ensuring the quality of our products is of the highest standard. 


It is a common thing in the printing industry to have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for their products. It is often so high that many individuals and small businesses, whose quantity of order is usually low, cannot afford to commit. We want to change that! We are determined to keep our MOQ as low as possible, so that everyone can enjoy our services.        


At Pixeli, you can find a wide range of customisable printing products. Choose the size, material, and any finishing you fancy; upload your design to the product you choose; then just leave the rest to us. It’s that simple!


Looking for something that’s more artistic and special? We have a section on our website that is dedicated especially to products which incorporate the artwork of independent local artists, where you can explore and discover the artwork that captures your heart.